Kent Group Ltd provides comprehensive seminars encompassing all facets of the downstream sector. The program is customizable to suit your particular needs, and can be offered in either a one or two day version. We can also deliver the seminar in-house at your facility.

An Introduction to the Downstream Petroleum Industry

The comprehensive seminar we provide is called “Introduction to the Downstream Petroleum Industry”. This seminar covers the entire spectrum of the downstream petroleum industry, from the raw material (crude oil) to the sales of product to the consumers. To date, over 600 individuals from a variety of organizations have participated in this seminar.



You will benefit from this seminar if you are:

  • Downstream industry employees;
  • Upstream producers;
  • Suppliers to the downstream sector;
  • Government regulators;
  • Industrial petroleum buyers;
  • Someone who requires a broad understanding of the refining, supply, and marketing of petroleum products.

Seminar Content and Facilitators

The whole seminar is structured in ten modules and delivered in two days. Facilitator Jason Parent is a widely-respected expert in the downstream petroleum sector. He provides attendees with a thorough overview of this industry and helps everyone connect the dots in an interactive and engaging classroom environment. Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • Refining Basics: Processes, Infrastructure and Issues
  • Petroleum Basics: Types, Uses, and Characteristic
  • Supply: Managing Production to Meet Demand
  • Distribution: Moving Petroleum across the Continent
  • Petroleum Products and the Environment: Issues and Challenges
  • Marketing Overview: The Players and Infrastructure
  • Understanding Pump Prices – The Pump Price Margin Model
  • The Downstream Sector and The Public: Prices and Regulation
  • Understanding Pump Prices – Historical and Comparative Views
  • The Future of the Downstream Petroleum Industry

Registration and Inquiry for Customized Seminar

If you are interested in attending this seminar at one of our public offerings (two day), please click here to see our upcoming seminars listed under the RPS Energy Canada, Ltd.

If you want to customize the program of this seminar for an in-house training, or have questions about our training services, please contact Suzanne Gray, Senior Analyst. We look forward to hearing from you.


Testimonials from Seminar Participants


“Excellent introduction to operations after the extraction phase, from refining and distribution through to the point of sale at the pump.”

“Jason Parent is very knowledgeable on the subject and is an engaging educator. He takes the time to answer your questions, and the pace of the class is great, and you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s a very broad course and he does an excellent job providing a detailed overview of it. I would highly recommend this class.”

“I found this course very practical and helpful in understanding the basics of the Downstream Petroleum Industry. Good examples were used and our instructor (Jason Parent) was quite competent in explaining and answering our questions.”