Petroleum Operations Benchmarking

Kent Group Ltd helps petroleum marketers assess their performance in retail, cardlock, and bulk operations to navigate the intense price competition, increasing costs and squeezed margins of the market. Our “Essential Indicators” provides a comprehensive array of performance metrics benchmarks. We also provide benchmarking analyses tailored specific operational issues.

Essential Indicators

Kent Group Ltd has worked with Canada’s top petroleum marketers to conduct a comprehensive annual performance benchmark analysis of their bulk plant, retail and commercial cardlock operations. We take in detailed, confidential operating data on thousands of marketing facilities across Canada, and provide our clients with detailed analysis (over 50,000 data measurements) of their overall site performance relative to the industry in general. Our clients have used this information to set strategic goals, and to identify “performance gaps” in their operations. Our reports have become an intrinsic part of strategic planning processes at companies like Shell Canada and Imperial Oil. We have also conducted intra-organizational benchmarking for Shell UK and Shell Canada, using this exclusive benchmarking tool.

Tailored Studies and Solutions

Retail Business Opportunity – Kent Group Ltd was engaged by major Canadian oil companies to design and conduct a survey to assess the competitiveness of their retail associate business opportunity relative to other participants in the retail petroleum industry in Canada. Our survey provided a detailed description of the elements that comprised the associate business opportunity at retail petroleum outlets including supplier/associate contractual relationship, associate financial investment, income opportunity and fees.

Retail Wage & Compensation Benchmarking – Kent Group Ltd was engaged to assess the competitiveness of the industry’s operational wage and compensation levels.

Please contact us should you wish to participate in our benchmarking studies. Kent Group Ltd can also design such a study to suit your particular needs.