Retail Site Census

National Retail Site Census

Gain valuable insights into the Canadian fuels marketplace with the 2017 National Retail Petroleum Site Census, a report researched and published by Kent Group Ltd.


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This comprehensive report is an enumeration of the petroleum retail outlet population in Canada. This is a unique study: there is no other single industry or governmental source of such information.

Key Findings

As of December 31, 2017, there were 11,948 retail gasoline stations operating in Canada. Our census illustrates a continued diversity of brands of gasoline in Canada (we measured 98 different “brands” of gas), although the physical product largely originates from 14 refineries in Canada, operated by a total of seven refining organizations. Similarly, we identified 67 companies involved in the marketing of gasoline, where they manage a network of two or more stations.

Generally, trends in the Canadian fuels marketplace over the last fifteen years show refiner-marketers are less involved in setting fuel prices, down from nearly a third of all sites in 2004. Remaining gas stations (some 77 percent) in Canada are price-controlled by a diverse mix of petroleum marketers, whose importance and influence is growing, particularly between two sub-types: Regional distributors and “big box” marketers. The latter has an influence on the retail petroleum market – particularly in terms of price competitiveness – that is far out of proportion to their relatively small number of outlets.