Retail Site Census

National Retail Site Census

Gain valuable perspectives into the petroleum industry with Kent Group Ltd.’s 2018 National Retail Petroleum Site Census annual report. This unique study, a comprehensive enumeration of the petroleum retail outlet population in Canada, provides key insights into industry trends.


The purchase of the 2018 census includes a PDF version of the report as well as all appendices in Excel spreadsheet format.

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Key Findings


As of December 31, 2018, there were 11,929 retail gasoline stations operating in Canada, or 3.2 outlets for every 10,000 persons. Our census illustrates a continued diversity of brands of gasoline in Canada (we measured 88 different “brands” of gas), although the physical product largely originates from 14 refineries in Canada, operated by a total of seven refining organizations. Similarly, we identified 67 companies involved in the marketing of gasoline, where they manage a network of two or more stations.

Generally, trends in the Canadian fuels marketplace over the last fifteen years show refiner-marketers are less involved in setting fuel prices, down from nearly a third of all sites in 2004. Remaining gas stations (some 77 percent) in Canada are price-controlled by a diverse mix of petroleum marketers, whose importance and influence is growing, particularly between two sub-types: Regional distributors and “big box” marketers. The latter has an influence on the retail petroleum market – particularly in terms of price competitiveness – that is far out of proportion to their relatively small number of outlets.

Canadian fuel marketers increasingly operate some or all of their network using a brand owned by another company. In 2018 this represented 36% of all sites in Canada, up considerably from 2004.

Other Topics Include:
• Trends in site operation;
• retail gasoline outlet representation by province;
• provincial throughput efficiency;
• refiner-marketer and marketer-retailer relationships;
• retail landscape;
• retail relationships and control over assets; and
• outlet features and offerings.

Appendices show a detailed breakout of sites:
• by brand;
• by marketer;
• brand ownership;
• traditional vs. non-traditional listings; and
• pump price control listing

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