2015 Retail Fuels Census

Posted on: Thursday, May 19th, 2016

The number of retail gasoline outlets in Canada increased in 2015 ending a decade long trend of contraction in the Canadian fuels marketplace.

The 2015 National Retail Petroleum Site Census, researched and published by the Kent Group Ltd, is a comprehensive enumeration of the petroleum retail outlet population in Canada. This is a unique study: there is no other single industry or governmental source of such information.

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Key topics within the report:brief

  • trends in site operation;
  • pump price control;
  • retail gasoline outlet representation by province;
  • provincial throughput efficiency;
  • refiner-marketer and marketer-retailer relationships
  • retail landscape;
  • regional distributors and non-traditional petroleum marketers;
  • retail relationships and control over assets;
  • outlet features and offerings;census5e

Appendices listing details:

  • by brand;
  • by marketer;
  • brand ownership;
  • traditional vs. non-traditional listings;
  • pump price control listing.



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The Kent Group Ltd is a London-based consultancy specializing in the petroleum refining and marketing industry. The Kent Group Ltd publishes the Weekly Pump Price Survey, Canada’s authoritative source of petroleum prices. Our clients span a wide range of government, NGO and industry organizations with an interest in downstream petroleum issues. A full description of our consulting services is available on our web site.