Retail Site Census

National Retail Site Census

The 2016 National Retail Petroleum Site Census, researched and published by Kent Group Ltd is a comprehensive enumeration of the petroleum retail outlet population in Canada. This, our tenth survey of Canada’s retail petroleum infrastructure, is a unique study: there is no other single industry or governmental source of such information.

Our census illustrates a continued diversity of brands of gasoline in Canada (we measured 96 different “brands” of gas), although the physical product largely originates from 14 refineries in Canada, operated by a total of seven refining organizations. Similarly, we identified 69 companies involved in the marketing of gasoline, where they manage a network of two or more stations. About 5,800 individual outlet operators directly control the price at the pump – in effect; they market their own gasoline (through their own control of the pump price) under the banner of their own brand of gas, or under the banner of a third-party brand owner and supplier.

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