About Us

Kent Group Ltd provides excellence in data, analytics and consulting services relating to the downstream (refining and fuels marketing/retailing) petroleum industry.

Kent Group’s predecessor corporations are Kent Marketing Services Limited, established in 1970, and MJ Ervin & Associates Inc., established in 1990.

Together, as Kent Group Ltd., our project qualifications and experience are extensive and diverse.

Our active clients span a broad spectrum of

  • integrated and independent petroleum marketers
  • government and regulatory agencies
  • industry associations
  • large-volume petroleum buyers


Our expertise covers all aspects of the downstream petroleum value chain, including

  • marketing economics
  • performance measurement and benchmarking
  • price/margin reporting/analysis and regulation
  • industry economic research and analysis

Kent’s experienced staff, industry-specific focus, and unique perspectives on the downstream petroleum industry, place us at the forefront for independent industry data/analytics and as consultants relating to the downstream petroleum industry.