2016 Year-End Retail Volume Data Now Available

Posted on: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

It is more important than ever to stay abreast of the dynamics and trends in the continually and rapidly changing Canadian retail petroleum market. For over 45 years, Kent has provided comprehensive and current market data to help its clients do just that.  Our 2016 year-end data is now available.

Why Kent data

Data You Can Trust
Kent Group provides objective, verifiable, complete and accurate sales volume information for the retail petroleum industry in Canada. Our clients rely on Kent volumetric and facility data as a critical part of their market analysis, performance improvement and planning processes.

Expanding Market Coverage
To provide data on your existing and future markets, we continue to add more sites and cities to our survey. Our market coverage extends to over 350 markets and towns across Canada. See a complete list of the markets we survey on our website here.

Our Flexibility, Your Convenience 
To meet your specific demands, Kent keeps creating new ways to simplify and improve the way we communicate with you and deliver data for you. Volume data (by brand and by marketer) is available:
• Nationally
• Provincially
• Regionally
• By municipal market
• By your competitive area within a market using SiteSelect online mapping tool


To request data, to receive a quote, or to ask for more information please visit our website or contact Data Services directly:

519-672-7000 x 104